[200q20v] ABS switch bulb

stevequattro at aol.com stevequattro at aol.com
Sun Jul 15 13:47:54 EDT 2001

After soldering and/or pluging in new bulbs in the dash and switches 
throughout the interior of my 200 20v, I found that the simple plug in bulb 
in my 'ABS' switch was unmarked.
I have been to 3 different Radio Shack locations with the bulb as well as 
Napa. Each has had 1 or 2 bulbs to try, but none have worked at all. The 
socket is getting power when the lights come on so I am assuming that I have 
not found the correct bulb. ETKA lists the bulb as part of the switch so I 
can't simply go to the dealer.
Has anyone found a bulb to work in this switch.

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