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Sun Jul 15 23:43:13 EDT 2001


Looks like you've got some money to spend on the 200.  Quite an exhaustive 
list.  My feelings are not to worry about everything yous you have slated 
for replacement ie front and rear subframe bushings, the engine mounts, and 
the front and rear shock mounts.  Recently did some rebuld on the front end 
work of my car, I found all of those parts to be in an a good state.  No 
cracking or seperating was noted.  As I had bought the subframe bushings 
prior to removing the part, I put them on anyway, but did have a hell of a 
time finding a shop willing to do the press work for me.  One shop I went to 
even tried to pull a Bernie Benz and disuade me from replacing these.  They 
said that "in all our years of work, we are yet to see one of these cars 
that need the subframe bushings replaced."  I said "stick it in your ear, 
I'm replacing em," and went somewhere else. In retrospect, I'd actually 
agree not worth doing, short of severe bustedness.  Transmission mounts on 
the other hand were well worth the time; replacing these eliminated my prior 
drive shaft rub. Pox on replacing the center bearing or drive shaft ends!

I saw the Blau is running the front control arms on special right now (140 
per side).  From what I know the parts come all the bushings you need 
(inner, and two sway bar). Replacing the control arms is also the only way 
to replace the ball joint; extra piece of mind on the one hand, and their 
tendency to not fail on the other. The only concern I have with Blau though, 
is the parts I bought from them where all made in China.  Had some 
reservation prior to install.

My experience has been somewhat frustrating however, as even after all the 
work I did (strut bearings, inner bushings, all sway bar mounts, front 
subframe, tranny mounts, shocks all around, and outer tie rod ends) the car 
still did not, and has not gone back to the state it was in when first 
purchased.  I'm still to get an alignment that is dead nuts on the specs 
(Bernie ear you heart out), and have a suspicion that this is the missing 
link.  I've also suspected the ball joints, inner tie rod ends, and steering 
damper, or even the qualitey of Blaus's parts, but have yet do invest in any 
of those experiments.  With the BBS's, it does drive well.

With the engine, like Chris said, only one camshaft seal here.  The other 
cam seal is integrated with the valve cover gasket.  The cam end half moons 
as per my experience, are the area on the valve cover gasket most prone to 

Also drained and refilled the tranny with Redline during my maintenance; big 
improvement to shifting here irregardless of if ain't broke...

And Bernie, I have some rear shocks available out of my car.  Maybe we can 
negotiate on the per pound rate?

Derek Pulvino

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Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 21:54:14 -0400
Subject: [200q20v] Suspension rebuild and timing belt service

Hi listers,
I will be undertaking a full suspension rebuild in
the near future, so anything I've missed, I could use
some feedback.

My list of replacement parts:
Bilstein Sport shocks
H&R springs
(2) Engine Mounts
(2) Transmission Mounts
(2) Front Subframe bushings-Front
(2) Front Subframe bushings-Rear
(2) Front Upper Strut Mounts
(2) Front Strut Bearings
(2) Front Control Arms
(2) Rear Forw. Trailing Arm Bushings
(2) Rear Control Arm Bushings-inner
(2) Rear Subframe Bushings
(2) Rear Upper Shock Mounts

The front upper strut mounts are mucho dinero- something like $105 each, as
they are unique to the 200q20v. Any help on where I can get them for less?
TPC and Redline both don't sell these, I am told dealer-only. Clair, maybe?

The rear subframe bushings and upper shock mounts are also dealer-only, from
what I've been told. Any help on these?

I'm also going to do the timing belt service, that one before the suspension
stuff. Here's my list for that:

Timing belt
Timing belt tensioner
Front crankshaft seal
(2) Front camshaft seals
Water pump
A/C belt
PS belt
alternator belt
Spark plug wires

I've added plug wires just because I think I have 134k on original wires and
to replace them. My 5ktq was much happier after I had done that. The fuel
filter is
fairly new, so I'm not too concerned about that, and the dist. is also
fairly new,
as well as the plugs.

I plan on also replacing the trans and diff fluids- already have some
Redline MT-90 GL-4
sitting for the trans and some Amsoil 75W90 GL-5 for the diff. Why the
different brands?
Because that's what I could get and they're both good. I'm having a pro do
this job
just because the diff plug is so hard to get to w/ the exhaust pipe and cat
right there
and w/o a lift, it's very hard to get any leverage on the plug, even with a
nice Facom
17mm socket that I got courtesy of Steve G. at Ultimate Garage.

'91 200q (soon to be heavily upgraded)

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