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> Transmission mounts on 
>  the other hand were well worth the time; replacing these eliminated my 
>  drive shaft rub. Pox on replacing the center bearing or drive shaft ends!
>  I saw the Blau is running the front control arms on special right now (140 
>  per side).  From what I know the parts come all the bushings you need 
>  (inner, and two sway bar). Replacing the control arms is also the only way 
>  to replace the ball joint; extra piece of mind on the one hand, and their 
>  tendency to not fail on the other. The only concern I have with Blau 
>  is the parts I bought from them where all made in China.  Had some 
>  reservation prior to install.

I've seen aftermarket (aren't they all?) front lower control arms for from 
$55 to $75 each.
I inspected the front driveshaft bearing on my car; it was worn, lots of 
play, replaced with a new $65 Lobro bearing.  Seems the heat from the 
downpipe/cats cooks the grease until they wear.

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