[200q20v] Doh! Dropped my tachometer!

George Fairbanks george.fairbanks at colorado.edu
Mon Jul 16 18:04:46 EDT 2001

I probably resoldered the instrument cluster six or eight times before 
learning how to fix it properly.  That was on my previous 200.  Last 
weekend I went to fix the current 200 which was showing the same 
problems.  In the middle of the surgery, however, the tachometer fell out 
onto the table, did a spin move, then headed straight for the floor.  I 
didn't notice anything wrong with it at the time and sighed greatly.  Later 
when it was back in the car (and all electrical gremlins exorcised) I 
noticed that the tach reads 1000 RPMs too low all the time -- so it starts 
in the digital clock, 2000 displayed = 3000 actual, etc.

First, does anyone have one of these sitting around (ha ha)?  I literally 
just need the speedometer electronics, not any of the gauge faces or mounting.

Second, ideas on how to resolve this with the least expense?  I'm thinking 
I need to find out if this part is the same in other Audis and hit the 
junkyards unless someone has other advice.



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