[200q20v] Driveshaft?

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Mon Jul 16 22:30:40 EDT 2001

Hi Chris,  

I must assume that you are referring to the front CV joint on the central
drive shaft, inasmuch as this is the only drive component subject to serious
unshielded exhaust system heat.  You are right, the radiant heat from the
exhaust system shortens the life of the lubricant in this CV joint.  If
caught early in the normal CV joint inpending failure warning, clicking and
clacking, it can usually be salvaged by the r&r cleaning and relubing
process.  Don't replace it, it ain't broke!

Further, the problem can easily be permanently eliminated by the addition of
a simple heat shield(s) to the exhaust pipe(s) ajacent to this CV joint
(single or dual pipes, 5K/200 or 20V, respectively).  Use two muffler clamps
per pipe to hold a flat piece of sheet metal, aluminum or galv. steel, as a
heat shield between the pipe and the CV joint.  Shield goes under the nuts
of the clamps.  This cheap fix has been on the '87 5K for 100K miles.

Regards,  Bernie 
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> I inspected the front driveshaft bearing on my car; it was worn, lots of
> play, replaced with a new $65 Lobro bearing.  Seems the heat from the
> downpipe/cats cooks the grease until they wear.
> Chris

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