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Here is a message I saved about different exhaust systems from last April. Hope it

        20V Exhaustive Research Results
        Tue, 03 Apr 2001 19:30:50 -0700
        Greg Johnson <gregsj at iea.com>
        "northwest audi enthusiasts" <audi-nw at u.washington.edu>

Fellow Audians;

My '91 200 TQA's exhaust started heading south last fall.  I decided I'd replace it
this Spring.  Without going through all of the gyrations, I thought I'd share the
results and that which I learned along the way.
On the research path, I learned the following:


Cat back system.  The price for the Audi 200 20V Quattro system is:  $ 778,00 and for
the Post $ 55,00.   The money has to be paid in front to their Bank.

Total: $833

Graydon Stuckey

Thanks to Graydon for his information and friendly, helpful attitude.

Custom Turbo Back 3in Mandrel Bent System - about $1,500-$1,800.

Intended Acceleration

Ned resells cat back exhaust systems by a German company who supplies all the major
turners.  They advertise a 200 20V cat back system in all stainless:

Front 875 DM twin 60 mm pipes
Rear  895 DM twin 70 mm pipes

That makes a total of 1770 DM
Shipping on two large packages from Germany
Duty of about 3% to 5%

That's about $1,062 plus the shipping & duty.  Ned also resells Stebro, see below.

Stan's Headers & Mufflers

Many thanks to Alex Neckus for his help

Down pipe back, custom, mandrel bent system that includes: two 2.5 in high flow cats,
2.5 in pipes into a joiner, 3 in pipe into a high flow muffler, eventually into a 3in
resonator which is completed by a 3in
chrome tip.

Total cost: $813.00 installed.


Many thanks to Paul R Luevano for his wonderful Stebro install webpage.

Front High flow cat section$420.00USDea.
Center Resonator section$380.00USD
Rear muffler section$395.00
Shipping to 99203 ($20.00 ea. unit)

That's about $1,255.00

Sorry, we do not have an exhaust system for your car.
Caveat: this may not apply to your 20V


The envelope please. . .

I went with Stan's because they are in-state, and seemed to be the best value.  The
system is bit throaty, with some noise and a few resonance drones at 40 - 50, but at
60 they begin to disappear and by
>=70 they are all gone. On the way back home Sunday (I-90, Seattle to Spokane) a
driver in a huge bright red 4x4 passed me -  he was doing 85 - 95 depending upon the
traffic.  I used his radar/laser
blotting ability to conduct some tests.  Fifth gear runs from 75 to 115, are as
effortless as the third gear runs from 35 to 85 used to be, pre-exhaust.  The car is
*much more responsive* everywhere, like a
totally different car.  With the exception of a chip, and my BIRA brakes, the best
upgrade I've made.

Results may vary; prices change; and so forth.

Greg Johnson

Donna or Chris Locke wrote:

> Hi all,
> Been on the q list many years now, but i finally have a question about my 91
> 2c20vtq.  Anybody have good suggestions for a replacement exhaust system?
> Obviously factory is out of the question, and I just got a flyer from Jim Blau
> with his system for this car.  Any experience with this one?  Any others out there
> worth mentioning?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks
> Chris
> 91 2c20vtq
> 86 4kcstq
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