[200q20v] Yoko AVS-Intermediates or DP D60 A2 on stock 15"?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Jul 18 19:36:31 EDT 2001

At 1:49 PM -0700 7/18/01, Neil Vonhof wrote:
>Take a look at the Yoko dB's. User's rave about them on the Tire Rack
>website. The 225x60x15's are supposed to fit our car. However, I must note
>that I have only been shopping around and have not tried them and so far,
>have no definitive proof that they will fit. (They'll fit on the wheels but
>still don't know for sure that there is enough clearance when mounted on the
>car). Can anybody else comment on this?
>Here is the link:
>If the above link is too long just go to the main page and search in the size
>section for 225x60x15, check the Ultra High Performance All Season box under
>the All Season Tires section:

Yes indeed 225/60x15 tires will clear. But clearance is very tight in 
the rear, so in some cases there could be interference at a minor 
"wrinkle" defect in the car's plastic fender liner (at the edge of 
the wheel opening). This slight bulge  may need to be coaxed back 
into its proper place with the aid of a heat gun (or just a hair 
drier), otherwise it can possibly cause a small amount of rubbing 
when the rear is well-loaded or deflected over a speed-bump, etc. 
Easy to eliminate.

I'm running 225/60x15 Firestone SZ-50EP (Japanese made) which are 
verrrry responsive, pretty quiet, very grippy in dry and reputed to 
have excellent wet grip. Mileage rating is very high (for what those 
numbers are ever worth). My tires, with  one track event and 10 
Kmiles of aggressive driving seem to retain more than 50% of the 
original tread depth. Definitely a good *summer* high-performance 
tire IMO (but pricey).


>Neil Vonhof, Seattle
>'91 200Q20v, 135,000 miles
>IA Stage 3, Bilsteins
>Tresturbos at aol.com wrote:
>>  Living in Portland, I rarely need to be concerned about snow, but the
>>  rain....oh, the rain!
>>  I drive aggressively, so I want the tire to stick in the twisties.  These
>>  would replace DP D40 M2(Z rated).
>>  Any BTDT?
>>  TIA,
>>  Mitch Frey
>>  '91 200tq IA Stage 3
>>  '00 A6 2.7T
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