TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 20 19:58:51 EDT 2001

To my understanding, the Samco silicone hoses are more resistant to
heat and are of a better construction, with a fabric layer under
the silicone for reinforcement.

If the rubber hoses were so good, why would all of the really high-hp
forced induction engines I've ever seen have pretty much exclusively
hard pipes and silicone hoses? I'm talking about Nissan Skyline GT-Rs
and Toyota Supra Turbos (last gen.), pushing 500+ hp.

Trust me, I wouldn't buy the hoses just because they look cool- I'm not
all show, no go and I don't compromise performance for aesthetics. However,
if I can get something that works better and looks nice, I'm all for that.

You can rag on me about putting heavy Avus rims on my 200q, massively
increasing the unsprung weight, yes, I admit to that, although my SSR
fix will be forthcoming in the next year.


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