re.[200q20v] 91 200q 20v inCT

DPJP222 at DPJP222 at
Sat Jul 21 09:35:40 EDT 2001

            Have my own ' 91 200 TQ Avant...awesome automobile. Considered a 
' gem'
to collectors for that model year. According to the figures in the official 
AUDI book
charts, total production was only 365 cars. Both my local dealers tell me the 
thing...that only 75-80 ever got to USA. The cars were at a premium back then
and if they ever made it past the dealers' own grasp, the prices fetched were 
$45,000 or so. My mechanic who works exclusively on Audis for over 20 years
and who is a real car-history buff, says the the '91 200TQ Avant was the 
'labor of
love' among the Audi engineers after they were told of it's impending demise 
in '90.  In his opinion, it continues to be the best car the company ever 
made, along with
all 200TQ'S and the ur-quattro coupe of the early 80's. The cars still bring 
a premium
these days and are rare to find less than $8,000-$10,000 if they are in 
condition inside and out. I'm looking for another one soon myself, hopefully 
than $10,000 so I' keep my eyes open too.

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