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Sat Jul 21 16:49:45 EDT 2001

    Phil Rose         mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net
    '91 200q
    Rochester, NY     Home and Birthplace of the Torsen Differential
Yes, is is nice to know where someone is from, the e-mail address 
doesn't work as well as it used to in the days before yahoo mail,  
hotmail, juno...

Related to the Torsen comment, I have my own story about that.
A friend of mine (actually, mutual best-men) worked for Gleason for a 
year between his BA and MS/PhD schooling. It was near the airport (about 
1.5 miles from our house we just sold). It changed to DK Gleason, to 
Zexel Gleason, and now says Zexel Torsen on the building. My friend 
worked there during the '90/'91 school year. I stopped by to visit and 
he showed my the '85.5 5KTQ from the One-Lap race. He said it didn't 
have the race engine in it anymore. I guess they had made some mods to 
the rear to stiffen the suspension mounting points. They also had a 90 
there which was instrumented for torque testing. It has the back seat 
removed and a rack with 286 PC bolted in. It had custom hubs/wheels with 
torque sensors. He used to tell me stories about testing the driveline. 
I guess they used to regularly rev the engine and side-step the clutch. 
They were experimenting with different coatings for the gears to help 
with break in. He mentioned copper as one of them.
During that year, I played volleyball with the team from there at a 
local beach volleyball bar. Great guys (and ladies).
He had other stories about cross town jaunts to get the audis serviced 
and one off roading story that made me laugh... Anyway, I bought my 
first Audi soon after that!


David Kavanagh
Rochester, NY

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