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> Mike,
> 	Also what would be really helpful is a list of parts
> along with the part numbers.

Achint et al:

A "List" of the Audi supplied/need parts for the RSB addition:

  Number        Audi              Part
# Needed       Part #          Description       List   Net (but ?
1  One        4A0-511-409-B   Rear Stab Bar     $215.00  $150.00 or
$161.67 or ??
2  Two        4A0-511-327     Rubber Bushing    $--1.35     -.95
x2 ->001.90
3  Two        855-411-335-A   Clips             $--8.70     6.25
x2 ->012.50
4  One        4A0-511-419     Left Bracket      $--3.75     2.70
5  One        4A0-511-420     Right Bracket     $--1.50     1.10
6  One        4A0-971-846-S   Left Speed Sensor $--2.60     2.08
7  One        4A0-971-846     Right  "   Sensor $--1.85     1.46
8  Two        4A0-505-389     Heim Links        $-70.95    51.10 to 67
to ??x2->
                                                        @ $102.20 to
@$130 or ??
9  Four       N-021-195-5     Hex Nut self lock for heim links

Somewhat optional, but you may also want to consider replacing the
lower shock link bolt/hex nut

10 Two        N-101-719-02    Bolt m12x1,5x90
11 Two        N-011-186-7     HexNut self lock m12x1,5

I think that's the complete group.

Oh, and finally by the way, just for yucks, if you wanted to go all
OEM Audi parts, in lieu of the "adapter" you would need Audi Part
#441-505-099-E, the "Rear X-member sub frame" which has the
appropriate mounting parts cast in the frame as a part of the
assembly.  Suggested list $1,135 (if its available.)  PS, if you are
inclined to thing that you can weld the necessary fittings to the
part, Audi has a very strongly worded warning to the effect that this
(welding anything to the sub frame) is very, very unadvisable.

* "Your Net Mileage May Vary" - costs will depend on your favorite
Audi supplies source (I'd originally worked the list & some of the
prices out via Carlsen, but our favorite connection there has
apparently retired, so you are on your own.

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