[200q20v] compressor clutch

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Jul 23 00:50:46 EDT 2001

At 6:35 PM -0400 7/22/01, DAK wrote:
>Here's a question for you all.
>Anyone replaced a compressor clutch with the compressor in place? 
>Would be a do-it-yourself job if I don't have to touch the freon 
>(which is still contained). If I have someone else do it, I might as 
>well have the whole compressor replaced since they'd have to remove 
>it anyway. I've kept my '87 5KTQ compressor going for 14 years by 
>adding oil once and a while. I imagine I could get away with that on 
>the '91, but the clutch bearing is really toast!
>Anyone BTDT?
>   David

I know there's supposed to be a special tool for replacing the clutch 
without compressor removal, but I haven't seen or used it. A friend 
of mine with an Audi shop in Rome (NY) has been threatening to buy 
that tool. I'll be stopping by there sometime tomorrow or the next 
day and I'll check it out. Might not be very expensive.


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