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Thanks Taka
I have already send a mail for a set of hoses and for an
adjustable fuel pressure return valve.

IA Stage IV:
Intended Accelerations/ Ned Ritchie is an Audi Tuner in Olympia, WA
I have used his Stage III for 1 - 2 years and it is just a set of chips and
2.5 Bar boost sensor - and had no problems at all: 277 Hp, 383 Nm at 4200rpm.
Stage IV consist of
a) new exhaustmanifold
b) Garrett To4/50 Turbo .
c) 3 Bar pressure transducer
d) fuel and boost chip

The manifold and turbo and original wastegate and downpipes fit
together and is a bolt on.
So is the pressure outlet side of the turbo. Fit the original lower boost
The other changes is:
    water and oil pipes relocated and of different size
    fresch air from filter to turbo hose different giving problems
    with crankcase breathing pipe, wg-control valve (no hole for that)
    and a relocated and bigger hole for dumpvalve (If you choose to use
    the sport quattro boot)
The chips expect bigger fuel injectors, airmass sensor and fuelpressure.

I have a messure of 370 Hp and 460 Nm at 4000 rpm but together with a
over boost condition at 6000 rpm- probably because the wg-frequenci valve
was not
tight an unable to regulate enough.
(they fail when you test them)
But a lot of hoses and plumb'ings without space to do it.

Kind regards

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>The website is:
>They are in Ohio, USA.
>P.S. What is IA stage IV?
>Claus Vegener <vegener at post7.tele.dk> wrote:
>> I have now for 3 months been running 25 Psi of boost
>and I have serious problems keeping the lower hose tight
>and in place. Blown 2 stk. so far.
>Tried outside enhancement with gaffer tape and vulcanising rubber bands - a
source for lost races!
>Happy to get the link to ECS
>Claus Vegener, Denmark
>200 q Avant 1990/91
>IA Stage IV, Porsche GT3 Monoblock Calipers
>Bernies Strut Brace!
>BN Pipes cat back
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>> Why do you think silicone is any less prone to failure?  But then, I
>> understand that they are red silicone, so well worth the $50.
>> Bernie
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>> > Considering that Euro-Car Service sells the Samco silicone hoses for
>> > $250, I will replace my hoses with Samco shortly. No point in getting
>> > stock hoses that are more prone to failure when for $50 more, I can get
>> > silicone ones.
>> >
>> > Taka
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