[200q20v] Mid OH QCLUB Event report

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalpartners.com
Mon Jul 23 11:12:11 EDT 2001

Thanks Scott for the report; I'm motivated to add .02, now that I'm out of
the weeds.  Figuratively speaking.  
This was my first event in the new 911 Track car, the eS2 being completely
disassembled and on the rack as we sit.  My two quick comments on the 911SC,
these being Audi lists, are:  1)  Balancing a car at the limit, driving the
proper line, footwork, timing etc are all car control skills which apply
equally to all cars.  That said, there can't possibly be two more different
cars to drive fast than a 3200lb 60/40 awd quattro w/270HP, and a 2600lb
40/60 911SC w/180hp.  I was in a foreign country without a phrasebook.
Luckily Craig hooked me up w/911 instructors who tried to coax me into
carrying more speed into corners, but it was the end of day three before I
got the new street dunlops to squeal.  2)  The quattro is quite simply, an
easy car to drive fast.  It confers gobs of confidence.  The 911 imbues gobs
of whatever the opposite of confidence is...  Also, to be completely candid,
all that eS2 power and flexible grip covers a multitude of the drivers'
sins.  I suspect I'm not quite as fast as maybe I thought I was...
Some notable happenings: 
Audi brakes are underdesigned for the track.  The 911 rotor temps after a
cool down lap and drive back to the pits, were in the low 300s, same as Dave
H's noted by Scott, and w/o the megaphone cooling ducts (tho likely not
worked as hard!)  My cousin's A4 Avant after the same drive, measured 478F
after the same run.  So he was boiling fluid on the track.  
Dean Treadway had an off going into turn 11 in the pristine original eS2.
His first time ever off the track in years of driving and instructing.  The
car was driveable, but has no unscathed sheet metal along the drivers' side.
It went directly to the shop, and I believe Dean was at Watkins Glen with it
last week.  It was otherwise awesome.  I didn't get a stopwatch on it, but
it looked like he was lapping with the fast porsches who were in the low
1:50s.  Look for it at track events all summer, it is Lago blue, has an RS2
nose, and sounds like the terminator soundtrack at idle.
Another cousin of mine was back this year in another rental, this time a
Neon, and was very entertaining.  He races a 944 in OR, and is fearless.  He
reports the Neon is a big improvement over last year's Sunfire.  All I know
is I couldn't catch him in the 911.  Next time.
It was great to encounter the usual compliment of listers and Audists; I
found my self in a car with a guy named Geza who designed the rear seat-pin
mounted harness truss for his Avant which I copied for the CQ.  I got to see
Eric's urq which looked great.  
The instructor training day was indeed fabulous.  I had just seen Calvin
Fish do color commentary at LeMans, so it was a treat to leap into his
"pace" car for the track walk, and benefit from his coaching.  
Hat's off to Craig, Tom Saltino, Eric R and the others who helped out,
Brandon H

Sure doesn't seem like 2 weeks has already passed...  Here's the highlights 
as I remember them. 

Location:  Mid-OH Road Course Mansfield OH 
Dates:  June 26,27,28 
Cars:  120+ 
Eventmaster:  Craig Liechty 


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