[200q20v] My 91 200q, gone, but not in spirit......

Paul Waterloo pwaterloo at compuserve.com
Mon Jul 23 12:09:40 EDT 2001


Well, it's over, my 91 200q is gone. I dropped it off at the new owner's
house last Thursday -- all the way in Toronto!

Sold it to a guy who I couldn't of picked better. He has three ur-q's and a
95 S6. The 91 200q never came to Canada (it did, but not with the 3B engine
and flares and side markers), so he was very interested in getting one. He
called me and asked if it was for sale, when I said yes, he said does the
engine run strong? I said yes, he said he'll take it. He had seen my posts
for the last six or so years and knew it would be a nice car.

It ended up that delivering it to him was the easiest thing for both of us,
so I drove it there last Thursday, 500 miles from Chicago. I had the low
boost problem fixed (clean the contacts on the multi-function temp switch)
and 1.7 bar and I was away!

Had the car washed about 2 hours away from Mike's, he was having a Toronto
group of Audi nuts over for a bar-b-que that night. What timing! I pulled up
about 40 minutes after most people were there (about 12) and I got some
serious stares at the car! Besides the S4 and S6 and A4 there, I think it
was the cleanest outside and probably the cleanest inside. The car is still
so beautiful. They looked it over like a hawk. I was proud of my baby!

Mike was very happy to see how clean it was. I was surprised myself how nice
the car looks and runs with 233K miles on it. It's still wicked fast above
80 MPH......

Flew back on Friday morning and got into my A8. I have to say "What a
CAR!!!". It is just the nicest car that I've ever driven....I'm very happy
with my purchase. Sad to see the 200q go, but it was time. Five years and a
couple weeks, delivered to someone who will love it!

BTW, Mike didn't even tell his wife that he bought it, I said I was coming
through town on business and we dropped it off at a shop that he works at in
the morning on the way to the airport. Good luck Mike on telling your wife
the story!

Paul (signing off the 200 list)

P.S. Thanks for all of your support, troubleshooting tips, laughter, fights,
etc. This is totally the most valuable thing to a 200q owner!

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