[200q20v] UrS4/6 Rear Stabilizer Bar

mlp mlped at qwest.net
Mon Jul 23 12:41:34 EDT 2001

Ok -

I think I've now got eleven "definites" I'm a committed sort of person
"Yeses" (those names are on the production/availability list based on
1st in, 1st out); and

2 or 3 mug-whumps (you know, the "I possibly wou'da, could'a,
should'a, maybe, face on one side of the fence, rumps on the other"
sort of folks etc. ;-))

I've called the machinist to ask him for a rough ETA to do a run of
say @ 15 or so kits.  I think the final number, i.e. 13 vs. 15 vs. 16
or 17, can vary a bit based on how the adapter pattern fits the steel
plate material when he goes to cut the forms out.

For those of you who were "definites" and NOT located in Colorado,
please send me your preferred mailing address for the kits to be sent

I'm checking on pay pal arrangements for payment options etc.
Otherwise for those that prefer we can do it by check.  For the folks
that are in Colorado, it should be easy to get the kits to you either
face to face, at one of the S-mafia lunches or by mail if necessary.
I'll post as soon as I have an ETA from the machine shop so you can
figure out who & how you want to source the necessary OEM Audi parts.



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