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> At 9:03 PM -0700 7/22/01, Wolff wrote:
> >Here are a few pictures from today:
> >http://succulents.com/2001-07-22/index.html
> >Notice the programming of the transmission. I also took video of the
> >computer screen. I post if I can read the values of the shift points.
> Are these trannies setups used in Audi's famous 5-minute pit-stop
> installations?
> Great shots. Added a nice intimate dimension to the TV coverage I saw
> yesterday. And wasn't it
> a shock to see the ALMS race covered so well (or at all)  ON NETWORK
> TV!!!! Will wonders never cease?
> Phil
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Yep, those are the quick change trannies. Notice the two hydraulic hoses
with quick disconnects. That's the shift linkage, there are no cable or rod
I don't get network TV so I haven't gotten to see the race coverage, except
what little I could see on the pit monitors. One comment I have about seeing
the cars in personn that you might not pick up on TV. The Audis are quiet
when viewed from the side of the track. (Get right next to one and it's
quite loud of course.)  I don't mean a little quieter, but a lot quieter
than the other cars. In fact I think they might be quieter this year than
they were last year. Perhaps for driver comfort which is important in
endurance racing? The Saleen, Corvettes, BMWs, Porches and Panoz were
deafeningly loud. The Cadillac was a quieter car.
"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton

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