[200q20v] Door Panel

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 12:25:25 EDT 2001

1) get your allen key (forget the size) and loosen the
3 bolts under the armrest.  They take alot of turns
and don't come out.  just check if the armrest is
loose and then wiggle free.  Separate the window
switch from the armrest and label the wire bundles if
you're on the driverside.

2) pull the inside door handle and remove the philips
head screw beneath

3) pull it again like you're openning the door and the
assembly should slide forward and pop out.  Examine
the cable connection closely and remember the
placement.  Pop off the metal retaining thing, Twist
the assembly to unhook the cable after you free it
from the little nook

4) remove the 2 philips head screws on the outer frame
of the door or the upper corners of the door panel.

5) get a flat plastic thing like a credit card and
push it between the door and the panel.  Gently pop
the plastic rivets along the perimeter... around 5
depending on the prior owner.

6) lift the panel out and up.

I've found reassembly is a bit easier with the window
down.. also tape the screw to your screwdriver before
attempting the inside door handle screw.

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