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Maybe Chris Miller could add Steve's description of the process to his 
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>I do not subscribe to the "if it aint broke" business in many cases. This is
>one of them. I rely on this car to carry my wife and kids wiothout incident
>and replacing items that I know are possibly or will eventually fail/perform
>poorly before they do has worked well for me so far. Of course this is on
>cars that I plan on keeping long enough to enjoy the new parts till they
>When I suspected that my injectors were amiss, I pulled them and sent them to
>Marren Motorsports for inspection/testing and cleaning.
>It was very easy to remove them:
>1. Two allen head bolts (6mm I think) to loosen the rail.
>2. I removed the rear fuel line from the rail to allow free movement of the
>rail. The front fuel line had a long enough SS flexible portion that it did
>not inhibit rail movement.
>3. Remove the clips at the top of the injector and gently pull the rail off
>each injector.
>4. Remove the electrical connection to each injector.
>5. Gently pull the injectors out.
>Total time ~ 15 minutes
>Of course I changed the fuel filter as well, add another 4 minutes.
>Marren tested the resistance first to be sure none of them were bad.
>Then the flow rate and spray pattern were checked on each injector 3x before
>and 3x after, and then they were leak tested.
>I recieved a print out of all this.
>Three of my injectors had a poor spray pattern, all came up dirty on the
>reverse cycle, and had a 6.5% diference in min/max flow rate.
>All injectors had a good spray pattern after their service. Also the flow
>rate increased from about 2ml/min on the ones that were already clean, to
>almost 7ml/min on the dirtiest ones. More importantly, they were all within
>2% of each other when they were done.
>The car seemed to run and idle smoother. I can't keep my foot out of it long
>enough to see if mileage was affected though.
>The cost was $23.75 per injector plus shipping and I got them back in less
>than a week.
>Good Luck,
>Steve Hauptmann
>Columbia, SC
>200 20v 132,000mi
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