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<< Hi Mitch,

If you've already posted this information to the list, pardon my asking, but
I'd be most grateful if you'd share your impressions.
I'm very curious as to the relative performance of your two cars, as I plan
to replace my '91 (with Hoppen chip and RS2 manifold) with a 2.7 A6.
However, I haven't driven one as I intend to keep the 200q for a while.
I'd love to know if the 200q feels slower, faster or just different. Thank

Best Regards,
Kerry Leeds >>

Our two cars make for an "apples and oranges" comparison, given that the A6 
is compromised with the Tip and standard suspension package.  A better 
comparison would be between the 2.7T with 6 speed manual and sport package 
(which now includes stiffer springs/shocks and sport seats).  The standard 
seats don't hold you well in the hard turns like the 200tq's or the A6' sport 

Prior to chipping the 200tq, I'd have given the 2.7T the slight edge in 
acceleration.  Although the 200tq had a 33 hp disadvantage, its lighter 
weight(100 lbs) and stick shift just about made up for it. Now, the IA 
equipped 200tq is much quicker, and more fun with the manual.  The A6 is 
smooooth, whereas the 200tq is a bit rough around the edges(mine especially). 
 The A6 is sooo composed.  It's the kind of car in which you have to keep 
your eye on the speedo on those long stretches of highway.  A great road 
tripper.  Actually, both are great cruisers.  I have a tender back, and both 
these cars are completely comfortable on long trips.

You may have read a recent post over at the Audiworld/A6 forum, in which 
several passes were made on the strip with two 2.7Ts.  One with the stick and 
the other with the Tip and GIAC ECU.  The latter ran 5.48-5.78 0-60.  Someone 
on this list reported measuring a 5.44 0-60 in their IA Stage 3+ equipped 
200tq.  I'd say that the IA Stage 3 gets my 200tq to 60 under 6 seconds.   
So, the straight line performance is pretty close to the Tip. Similar tuning 
will net similar results. The chipped A6 2.7T makes between 315-330 hp and 
approximately 350-360 ft/lbs of torque, so you can imagine what it will do 
with the 6 speed.  The stock 6 speed makes 0-60 in 5.9-6.0 seconds.  Although 
these cars aren't meant for stop light wars, these numbers give you an idea 
how they compare.

Neither car is exceptional in the twisties with all that weight, although the 
200 manages to somehow hang with my neighbor's E36 M3 in the local curves.  I 
used to drive an E36 325i, and that handled better than the 200, so my 
neighbor must not be pushing his enough. The A6 comes equipped with crappy 
Conti touring rubber wrapped around 16" rims.  The wheel to fender gap is 
SUV-like..what an oversight!  The A6 exhibits quite a bit of body roll, and 
the steering feedback is too light. IMHO, the 2.7T, being the sportier of the 
A6 line-up, should come with a tighter, lower suspension, 17" rims and sticky 
235/45-17 or 245-40-17 tires. Now if you optioned it with the above, the 
sport package, 6 speed manual, then chipped it, the A6 2.7T would be 

Most of the time I choose the 200tq when I go for a spin.  If the A6 were 
chipped, I'd probably still pick the 200 for its sleeper aspect.  If the A6 
were a 6 speed and chipped, I'd probably take it out most of the time.


Mitch Frey
Portland, Oregon
'91 200tq IA Stage 3
'00 A6 2.7T

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