[200q20v] Any stock 200 20V's left?

Tomsaudi200 at aol.com Tomsaudi200 at aol.com
Wed Jul 25 02:41:48 EDT 2001

All this talk about chipped engines, bigger rims, Euro lights, etc, leaves me 
asking if anyone has a factory original 1991 200 Quattro. As far as I know, 
mine is original, but since I have only driven one 200 20V Quattro in my 
lifetime, I have no idea if she has been chipped or not. 

Granted, even in stock form, the car is damn fast. It's been too long since 
I've driven a Porsche 911 or a Boxster to make a seat of the pants 
comparison.I know I can say with a lot of confidence the Dodge Viper I drove 
was the fastest thing I ever drove. The fastest and scariest car I ever drove 
was an '87 911 Turbo. I was shaking for almost 20 minutes after I got out of 
that car. Stepping out of the 200, I feel fairly casual...

That said, just some random thoughts, as I am still relatively new to the 
car, having owned it only since the end of January...

I am so annoyed with tire roar, I can't stand it. When I test drove the car, 
it was as silent as a Benz S-Class on the highway. When I picked her up, the 
dealer thought the tires were worn down, so they put SNOW TIRES on a Quattro. 
That lasted about two days, and I had the car shod with Pirelli's (sorry, 
cannot recall what kind). Still too loud. I took the car back, and had Dunlop 
D60's put on. Better, but the tire roar still bothers me. I wish the car was 
as quiet as when I had test driven it.

My driver front speaker is still a constant nuisance. Anything louder than 
quiet classical, and it starts making awful noises. A lister commented that 
the Bose speaker has an amp installed in the housing. What are my options? Do 
I need my mechanic to replace the speaker with the Bose speaker/amp, or is it 
cheaper, and easier, to just replace the front pair of speakers?


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