[200q20v] Re:Any stock 200 20v's left?

DPJP222 at aol.com DPJP222 at aol.com
Wed Jul 25 10:27:31 EDT 2001

         O yeh, I've still got a '91 200 TQ Avant in fabulous condition in 
and out.
Personally, I prefer to leave the car well enough alone as the engineers 
although I certainly can understand why someone else would prefer to "tweak"
certain things. For me, the ' 91 Avant was intended by Audi to be a fast, 
performance, touring-class automobile which offered world -class handling, 
comfortable ride without losing traditional european "road feel", luxury 
unrivalled and a high degree of safety. The "stock" version of the car is 
already in a class by itself...along with the all-wheel drive Lancia Avant, 
it really
is the prototype of all the current "sport" wagons. I live in an area of the 
( New Hampshire ) known for real bad roads for at least 7-8 months of the 
so for me to "upgrade" the car's suspension to provide a firmer " sport " feel
would give me an overly harsh ride during these times as the car is a daily 
So, I keep the suspension as tight as possible and use absolutely the best 
"gripper" rubber both in summer and winter.
            I use Yoko AVS-I'S in summer and I think I have a tire for you to 
try in
winter...Michelin Arctic Alpines. I was very doubtful of these tires before I 
them, but I succomed to all the great reviews they were getting...best 
quietest snow tire I've ever had... and the grip is outstanding. They're 
only a two-winter tire, but that's a small price to pay. The tires are 
'smooth' and
silent but are definitely a "high performance" stock snow tire if there is 
such a
thing. On long highway trips the past two winters, I almost forgot I was using
"snows"...check them out.

Dwight Phelps
Center Sandwich, NH

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