[200q20v] 1990 200 non Q mechanic ?

J&RZimmerman rosezimm at email.msn.com
Wed Jul 25 08:07:52 EDT 2001

Hello audifans,
I live in S.E. Washington State (Tri Cities) and I wonder if anyone may know
the whereabouts of, or possibly share a recommendation of how I can find a
"non-dealer" Audi Fan that would be willing to work on my non-quattro 1990
200-20v ?   I have one that has only 97 K, but it has a few "glitches" that
need attention.  I have taken it to our local Audi dealer and all they want
is a HUGE piece of my kids inheritance !!  These guys are not in the least
interested in repairing the problems - but more interested in throwing NEW
parts at it (to the tune of $4,000 ) and not in discovering the underlying
causes of our mechanical challenges and addressing them as they should be.
(of course these observations are only "MY" opinion - but I believe they are
well founded).    The challenges we have are:  1.  There is a strange
squeeling sound eminating from the bell housing area that ceases after the
rpm's are brought up above approx. 1500.  Our local Audi dealer shop told me
that the trans is shot and we need to replace it,,, I say baaaloney !
because the trans still shifts like a dream,  we have been very failthful
about having it serviced every year and there has never been more than
expected trans residue in the filter and oil).   A good friend of mine who
is very skilled at working on American and most import autos felt the noise
may be from the lock-up converter - if it has one? (I left our Audi with him
for almost a year and he sorta messed around with our car as he had time,
but finally had to ask us to come get it because he was unfamiliar with all
(and not interested in learning ) the idiosyncricies of Audi. He did admit
however, that this car was just about the finest engineered auto he had EVER
attempted to work on !   2.  The idle is indicating a faulty idle stabalizer
valve (idle is increasing and decreasing consistantly at idle, but smoothes
out at the slightest throttle pedal pressure.  He did replace the ISV but it
did not eliminate the problem.  There are a few other minor electrical
problems that I am not afraid to tackle myself ( ie; moon roof motor and
drivers door lock replace).

I hope I have not asked too many questions and that I have not abused my
raport with all you other AudiFans, but I have been searching for a very
long time for help and have had little success.  Every independant shop in
our area have told me that they are NOT in the least interested in working
on ANY Audi's because the Audi cars are so different than most any other
import and that they aren't interested in learning more about them.  Yes -
there have been a few that have given us a totally unfair price quote that
was asking we pay double and even triple their "normal" shop rate because
they would have to learn as they worked, which would be VERY costly to
themselves and us.

Thank you all for listening and I hope there may be someone who could help

Have a GR8 day !
John Z.

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