[200q20v] Re:Any stock 200 20v's left?

Tom Donohue donohue at netconnx.net
Wed Jul 25 11:01:02 EDT 2001

DPJP222 at aol.com wrote:

> Tom,
>          O yeh, I've still got a '91 200 TQ Avant in fabulous condition in
> and out.
> Personally, I prefer to leave the car well enough alone as the engineers
> intended,
> although I certainly can understand why someone else would prefer to "tweak"
> certain things. For me, the ' 91 Avant was intended by Audi to be a fast,
> high-
> performance, touring-class automobile which offered world -class handling,
> comfortable ride without losing traditional european "road feel", luxury
> absolutely
> unrivalled and a high degree of safety. The "stock" version of the car is
> probably
> already in a class by itself...<<snip>>

I also have a stock 91 200q20v avant and echo everything Dwight said about his.  I
have 144k on it with absolutely no mods and minimal problems.  On open road trips,
my wife (whose daily transportation is an Isuzu space cab pickup) refuses to drive
it because she seems to settle at around 90-95 as her favorite cruising speed.  My
previous car was an 89 200tqa, which I sold at 350k last year.  I have also driven
the odd A6 and A8, but couldn't imagine parting with the 91 for anything else I
have driven recently.  Regards, Tom

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