[200q20v] Any stock 200 20V's left?

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Wed Jul 25 12:28:43 EDT 2001

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You may have a higher tolerance for speed than I do but, my Hoppen chipped 
200 20v was downright scary fast when I first got it.  Its still (3yrs later) 
is not casual, as you would describe yours so I feel that you probably do not 
have a chip.  I do not miss any acceleration going from my '89 911 3.2 
Carrera, if anything, the way the 20v comes on boost so hard it may be the 
other way around. Not very scientific but feedback nonetheless.  I would 
highly recommend a chip/spring as the car is a BLAST on boost.  I have never 
heard of anyone who has chipped a 5000tq/200 10v, 200 20v or urS4/S6 and felt 
they could live without the chip and go back. It's positively addictive. That 
said, I can't wait for more.  Sport turbo/RS2 manifold and a sport exhaust on 
my shopping list now.

My 200 came with an awful set of tires as well.  I think the original owner 
new he would sell it before he wore another set out so he put a really cheap 
set on. I guess I was on cloud 9 because I never heard the tire noise until a 
few weeks or so after I got it home.  Even with a Connecticut to South 
Carolina drive to get it home.  But once I heard the tire roar, it became 
unbearable.  I through out the cheap set with only 10,000 miles of wear and 
installed Michelin XGT VR4 Pilots (215/60). Ahhh, very quiet and handle very 
well also. No complaints so far, 30,000 miles later.

Good luck,
Steve Hauptmann
Columbia, SC
Stevequattro at aol.com

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