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I just went thru getting the original hoses off of my car and it was a pain.
If your'e not going to save the hose, just cut out the center section and
work on the ends individually.  On my car, it was as if they were glued on,
so I pre-lubed them with silicone spray and had to work them back and forth
to get a wire (bent L shape, fairly stiff) between the hose and the metal
connection.  I worked the wire all the way around the connection until I
could pull the hose off without it ripping.  Limited access around the lower
hose makes it sort of a pain but with lots of silicon spray, its no problem.


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Hey all,

I ordered a set of those silicone hoses from Euro Car the other day and it
looks like they'll be in today.  After failing with the injector
replacement, I'm pretty sure I can do these with fewer problems.  The
upper hose is no problem, but the lower intercooler hose looks a little
tricky (to get in there and R&R).  What's the best way to change that one?

'91 200q20v

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