[s-cars] RE: [200q20v] Need advice: Koni or Bilstein

stevequattro at aol.com stevequattro at aol.com
Fri Jul 27 14:45:09 EDT 2001

I have always been told by those who have experience with both, that the Bils 
are stiffer than the Boge Turbo gas. On VW's, most daily drivers claim they 
are too stiff, especially with H&R's or the like. Of course this is a MUCH 
lighter car/shorter wheelbase and may be a large factor. I have had the Turbo 
Gas Boge's on my GTI for ~80,000mi. I do feel that they are getting softer 
but they came with a lifetime warranty so I am not worried. I was going for a 
stock type ride to keep the wife from objecting too loudly, and they fit the 
bill wonderfully. Even with H&R springs. 

The Bils on the 20v are wonderfully more responsive without being too stiff. 
I think the additional stiffness actually gave the car a more solid feel.
I do not know how long they will last but Bilstien claims that their shocks 
operate with 99%efficiency after 100,000 miles of use. 
They should, considering the limb I had to trade to get them. Haha.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina
91 200 20v 132,000
87 GTI 175,000

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