[200q20v] 200/20v at speed

Bruce Boeder BBoeder at BoederLaw.com
Fri Jul 27 13:57:11 EDT 2001

I note with some interest the recent thread on top speeds, etc.

I'm curious if you are doing your measurement with radar guns or something
other than relying upon speedometers.

Speedometers, IMHO, are notoriously optimistic about speeds, particularly if
you are running a non stock tire.

When we've tested speeds using radar guns at the Porsche club events that
I've attended, we've been surprised at how low the top speeds attained are.
However, when we've compared them with a mathematical calculation of speed
versus rpm in a given gear, the results have agreed with the radar gun.

Not to say that listers aren't attaining 155 mph or whatever, but I doubt
that an indicated 155 is anywhere near a true 155.

Bruce Boeder

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