[200q20v] My S6 is VERY MESSED UP!!!! HELP!

Levent Cur leventcur at ameritech.net
Sun Jul 29 03:40:47 EDT 2001

Hey All, 
I have a 1995 S6 and today for some reason a loud wind noise started to
appear on wide open throttle past 4,000 rpm. Almost as if it started
from my new tank of gas, from the same Amoco I always go to, but that’s
prolly irrelevant.  I have checked the Vacuum Hose going to the ECU and
the one under the black cover, I checked the lower intercooler hose that
is fine, and I checked all the other rubber hoses they are all
connected! But for some reason the car doesn’t pull as hard as it used
to! And there is some really weird wind/sucking (not the normal Turbo
Whine) noise coming from the engine bay area! Need help. Any BTDT’s?
cause the car is still under Minnesota’s State Lemon Car Warranty, and
wanna see if the car is fixable!!! thanks! Cause I wanna get rid of it
and get a 200 TT to replace it if the problem is more than a minor
Levent Cur
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