[200q20v] Re: 200 at speed

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 29 04:49:59 EDT 2001

John and company,

I'd love to agree with the following remark, but on pavement with any 
undulations, surface cracks, expansion joints, ruts, canting, etc., I'd have 
to say the suspension and it's componetry is working.  Even on very even 
pavement, the suspension would still be balancing all of the thrust, 
frictional, etc forces.  Any movement in suspension components would result 
in changed alignment, and thereby effect the tracking...even in a straight 
line situation.

Given the choice between a car with questionable components at 130, and one 
I can count on...

Derek P

Also to note that some would have to be very wrong with your suspension for
you to be concerned about "going fast in a straight line." The suspension
should be doing very little work in a flat straight away. I've pulled easily
130+ but not any faster as concern for the tires as mentioned in other
e-mails. but your car should (pending a salvage title.. hee hee) haul ass...

Even my square brick of a Ur-quattro will hit 130+ (running about 200HP)

I would start to look at if the engine is running correctly, enough boost,
are you towing anything? Is the hand brake stuck?

But to everyone out there, this is the best place for knowledge on our cars
and it shows...

   John Chaplen CNE
   William M. Mercer, Incorporated
   Portland, OR, USA

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Is your card chipped?  155 is pretty fast.  Setting aside my inadequate
driving skills, the tired suspension on my car, lack of nice straight hiways
with little traffic in my area (outside Philadelphia, PA), and inadequate
rubber (dunlop d60 a2), I doubt the engine (stock 3b)  in my car could ever
produce enough oomph to get my car to 155.  I did, however, manage to get it
up to 115.  There's a huge difference between 115 and 155.  And you said you
wanted to top out the car.  155 wasn't topped out?

If I invest several thousand dollars (upgraded suspension, new rubber, chip,
new vacuum hoses, and some driving lessons), perhaps I could approach the
numbers you posted.


91 200tq20v

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