[200q20v] My S6 is VERY MESSED UP!!!! HELP!

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Mon Jul 30 01:02:24 EDT 2001

I had precisely the same symptoms and only found the problem when I happened 
to rev the motor while hunched over the engine compartment while wearing 
shorts and sandals.  Hmmm, a breeze by my feet every time I revved the motor. 
 turned out (in my case) that the lowere turbo-to-intercooler hose had 
developed a tear right by the alternator which was barely noticeable save the 
oily deposits (1/2").  Needless to say I replaced it and THAT problem is gone.

Recheck (best if you actually remove and inspect) all hoses, especially the 
upper and lower intercooler hoses.  If you don't want to go this route, at 
least look for any oily film anywhere near any of the hoses.  If one of the 
hoses develops a hole (usually the underside where you can't see it), some 
oily blow-by will tend to develop in that vicinity.  Also check to make sure 
all of your hose clamps are tight after inspection, otherwise the same 
symptoms can occur with even perfect hoses.


'91 200q20v with a few mods...
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