[200q20v] Control Arm Replacement Help!

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 2 18:57:19 EDT 2001

OK guys, my weekend project was to change the control arms on my TQ.  Well,
everything went pretty well, as well as anything like this ever does, except
for the fact that I can't get the swaybar back through the hole in the
control arm.  Right now I've got one side totally done and bolted back up,
and on the other side I have the ball joint on, I have the frame rail bolt
in but not tight, and I have the tip of the swaybar through the hole; but
because of the fact that the swaybar is "sprung" (i.e. under compression
when it is all bolted together), I can't get enough oomph to push this thing
inboard so that it can get totally through the hole.  I tried pulling it
through with just the washer and the nut that holds the bushing into place,
but as soon as I loosen the washer again it goes right back to the same
place.  Anybody out there have experience with this?  Oh yeah, I forgot to
add that the swaybar mounts to the subframe are loose but not off totally, I
tried taking them off totally but then I couldn't get the swaybar back up to
the body to bolt them on.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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