[200q20v] Control Arm Replacement Help!

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Sun Jun 3 08:41:52 EDT 2001

The way I do it is loosen the nut on the other end of the sway bar (the end
you already have in), losen both both front mounts up as in the previous
post. Here is the key though. You have to have both sides of the car jacked
up (and supported safely) to relieve the tension in the sway bar. If one
side only is jacked, then the sway bar is twisted and very difficult
(impossible?) to get back in. Sometimes completety undoing the front mounts
helps, but again only if both front wheels are off the ground. Don't
disconnect the sway bar mounts with weight on the wheels because they will
not have proper location front to rear. You still need a friend to help get
the tie rod end in, but you shouldn't need a come along.
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