[200q20v] Radiator repair update, no guts.

Reid, Les C. Les.Reid at Centrilift.com
Mon Jun 4 06:57:18 EDT 2001

Just thought I would update on the hole in the radiator project.

I did repair the hole in the radiator (1st pushed gasket maker past in the
divot, waited to dry, covered that with a flexible epoxy by 3m). The repair
doesn't look bad, in fact it looks pretty good, however after going to all
the trouble of removing my radiator (no easy task) and having visions of my
wife and I possibly stranded in 6mo or so from now if the patch lets go, I
caved-in and decided to just replace the radiator with a new one.  I hate it
when that happens.

Continuing on.
I got quotes from the usual sources and found the best at radiator.com.
(~$160) However when I went to pick up the radiator at the warehouse I found
it did not have the aux. ports and it had plastic ends, so I passed.  I then
toyed with the idea of the suggested all metal radiator and solder the aux.
ports.  However modification voids the warranty, so I ended up ordering a
OEM radiator from Rod at TPC for $240, I won't get it until Friday but he
says it will have the aux. ports.  The car has 155k, I figure the plastic
OEM will last at least 5 yrs, and since I drive +25k/year the radiator will
probably out last the car.  

Well since the car is down I decided to do some other things that I have
been planning for a while. (The car has not been running as good as it
should, especially on rainy days).
Task list includes: Reseal the hydraulic unit(see note below), replace the
thermostat, replace some of the rubber bypass hoses that reside close to the
motor, replace v-belts,cap/rotor/wires/valve cover gasket, reseal fuel
injectors, clean intake manifold, check vac lines.
I have some questions (timing, injectors, etc) of which I will post
separately according to subject.

Boy am I having fun.

Note: A few weeks ago I developed a leak at the hydraulic unit,  I thought
it might be a leaking gaskets under the banjos.  So I tightened the banjo
bolts.  Guess what caused the hole in the radiator? Right, I forced the hose
against the radiator when I tightened the bolt.  Ouch,,lesson learned.

Les Reid
Tulsa OK

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