[200q20v] Distributor alignment - from radiator project

Reid, Les C. Les.Reid at Centrilift.com
Mon Jun 4 12:13:45 EDT 2001

I did not get a new distributor, just replaced rotor & cap.
My plastic gear is still hanging in there.  It actually looks pretty good,
still tight on the shaft and no wear on the teeth that I can see.
I already tried moving the distributor back a tooth and it caused the tick
marks to be about 3/8" off the other way (the housing being at the org
location), this causes the rotor to point way below the coolant manifold.

Have you already installed it? Did you have the special alignment tool? 


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I just got my new dist from Rod at TPC and it had the correct (narrow) rotor
on it. As far as alignment, it sounds like you are about a tooth out. You
can simply turn the distributer so the mark on the housing lines up with the
rotor, or you can pull it back out and re-insert with the rotor moved out
the right amount so that as you insert it, it turns back to the right spot.
You did get a distributer with a metal gear right?

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