[200q20v] hesitation, hiccup revisited...new clues

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Could it be the honeycomb in the cats is breaking loose and causing a
significant restriction? Seen in before on many cars, but I don't know if
your symptoms match that....
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> Hi list,
> A couple of months ago I wrote about some hesitation or jerkiness under
> medium to low throttle at no particular point along the rpm band (not just
> down low, I ain't no lugger :-)
> While away on vacation, I left it with an Audi/Porsche mechanic.  All they
> could come up with is that the roughness was typical for a manual
> transmission Audi, especially at low revs.  When I told them that it was
> at low revs, but rather during 3-5k rpms, they didn't have an answer.
> had checked the O2 sensor and the plugs.  Nothing looked fouled-up.
> Over the past few weeks, I've paid close attention to the conditions under
> which the hesitation occurs, and have noticed that it is accompanied by a
> muffled metallic sound emanating from the rear of the car.  I believe it
> at the rear passenger side.  It's almost like light metal on metal contact
> that sort of flutters when the hesitation occurs.  There's definitely a
> of power that accompanies the sound.  It seems to happen anywhere between
> 3-5k rpm, yet doesn't seem to correlate directly with rpm as do many
> buzzes.  It does not occur under wot or near wot.
> Under load and throttle, I hear another sound that two mechanics have
> suggested to be due to a worn center load bearing.  The drive shaft
> the exhaust.  Apparently a new bearing would lift the drive shaft up and
> from the exhaust.  I'm planning on saving this replacement for when I
> eventually replace the exhaust.
> Anyhoo, any ideas about the source of the hiccup would be greatly
> appreciated.  Maybe it would help in directing the mechanics to the
> TIA,
> Mitch Frey
> '91 200tq IA Stage 3
> '00 A6 2.7T
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