[200q20v] hesitation, hiccup revisited...new clues

Joe Vanzeipel joe at choice1.com
Mon Jun 4 15:41:48 EDT 2001

It could be something from the rear differential.  I would suggest to start
at the least expensive point and replace the differential fluid if it might
be due.

1991 200q ("Vanessa" 112k)

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Hi list,

A couple of months ago I wrote about some hesitation or jerkiness under
medium to low throttle at no particular point along the rpm band (not just
down low, I ain't no lugger :-)

While away on vacation, I left it with an Audi/Porsche mechanic.  All they
could come up with is that the roughness was typical for a manual
transmission Audi, especially at low revs.  When I told them that it was not
at low revs, but rather during 3-5k rpms, they didn't have an answer.  They
had checked the O2 sensor and the plugs.  Nothing looked fouled-up.

Over the past few weeks, I've paid close attention to the conditions under
which the hesitation occurs, and have noticed that it is accompanied by a
muffled metallic sound emanating from the rear of the car.  I believe it is
at the rear passenger side.  It's almost like light metal on metal contact
that sort of flutters when the hesitation occurs.  There's definitely a loss
of power that accompanies the sound.  It seems to happen anywhere between
3-5k rpm, yet doesn't seem to correlate directly with rpm as do many exhaust
buzzes.  It does not occur under wot or near wot.

Under load and throttle, I hear another sound that two mechanics have
suggested to be due to a worn center load bearing.  The drive shaft touches
the exhaust.  Apparently a new bearing would lift the drive shaft up and
from the exhaust.  I'm planning on saving this replacement for w
hen I
eventually replace the exhaust.

Anyhoo, any ideas about the source of the hiccup would be greatly
appreciated.  Maybe it would help in directing the mechanics to the problem.


Mitch Frey
'91 200tq IA Stage 3
'00 A6 2.7T
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