[200q20v] Distributor alignment - from radiator project

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Mon Jun 4 20:38:39 EDT 2001

I already installed my distributer without the tool. I ordered the tool from
Zelenda weeks ago and it still hasn't showed up. The important thing is that
at TDC the rotor lines up with the mark on the distributer. The distributer
could actually be facing differently in relationship to the motor with no
problem. On a distributer with vaccuum advance it matters because the vacuum
bell sticks out and can interfere with other parts of the motor.
   The curious thing is that you are using your old distributer, so the
distributer should be able to be remounted in the same spot where it was and
the rotor should by default (as long as the same teeth are engaged) line up
the same. Dumb question, but did you make your original marks while the
motor was at TDC?

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> Thanks Chris,
> That may be what I have, I know its close. I will look where the rotor
> exactly lies relative to #1.
> I was going by a mark on the Aluminum cover under the rotor (the cover
> rotates with the rotor).  I had assumed this mark and the mark on the dist
> body should line up.
> Maybe that is an incorrect assumption?
> I have till this weekend to work it out.
> Les
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> I've got the distributor alignment tool around somewhere...
> As I recall, it is a simple plastic piece that aligns the rotor with the
> body of the dist., and holds it in place while you install it; the rotor
> looks like it should be centered over the little hash mark on the side of
> the dist.
> I'd assume you want the #1 at TDC, and rotor pointing towards the #1 wire.
> Is this what you've got?
> Chris
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