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Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 5 10:23:04 EDT 2001

Same story I have, the mark on the center of the distributor is aligned with 
the center of the distributor rotor, and the tick mark on the rim of the 
distributor body is the TDC mark.  Those are the marks I used to align the 
distributor when I replaced mine; it's been about six months since the 
replacement, and no problems to date.  Just align the cam/crank to tdc, put 
the distributor in aligned to that mark, and bingo you're good to go.

If you wind up getting an alignment tool, or somebody gets the chance, I'd 
be curious what the tool actually aligns the rotor to.  Sure it's the same.

Derek P

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Thanks Chris,
That may be what I have, I know its close. I will look where the rotor
exactly lies relative to #1.

I was going by a mark on the Aluminum cover under the rotor (the cover
rotates with the rotor).  I had assumed this mark and the mark on the dist
body should line up.
Maybe that is an incorrect assumption?
I have till this weekend to work it out.


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I've got the distributor alignment tool around somewhere...

As I recall, it is a simple plastic piece that aligns the rotor with the
body of the dist., and holds it in place while you install it; the rotor
looks like it should be centered over the little hash mark on the side of
the dist.

I'd assume you want the #1 at TDC, and rotor pointing towards the #1 wire.
Is this what you've got?

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