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Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
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OK, I'm not looking for propriority info, unless I can weasel it out of you.
Where does the use of the 7A exhaust cam, that some of the S-cargo guys
swear by, fit into this martix?  As you may know, I have questioned the
claimed benefits of that ex cam swap as being at least partially do to
the resultant more advanced cam timing.  FYI, I intend to publish the 7A
cam timing and profiles when I characterize that system.  Could be that
the 7A and RS2 ex. are very similar in profile, even if not in timing.

Who charged you an "outrageous unobtanium" price for profiling the RS2 cam?
Seems to be a pretty simple job insitu, and even more so with a head on
the bench.


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Oops, did I give away free advice again? ;) Yes to all of the below. If you
find any of this information to be "new", then I suggest you get on the Scar
mailing list.  It's expensive (even with the GP on the Scar list), but
rewarding, BTDTxmany.  This mod was only known to a few for a couple years,
then some Slisters studied EKTA hard.  Since profiliing that cam wasn't free
at all to me (outrageous unobtanium price 2 years ago for cam + profiling),
I'm gonna be selfish with that info.


In a message dated 6/7/01 9:29:06 AM Central Daylight Time,
b.m.benz at prodigy.net writes:

You are recommending the RS2 exhaust cam as a desireable replacement for the
3B cam, -611B, which, refering to Chris Miller's S5 engine parts listing, is
the same for all turbo apps, excepting maybe the unlisted RS2.  Does the RS2
cam differ in timing, profile, or both, and how?

Thanks,  Bernie 

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