[200q20v] Dirty intake valve?

Les Reid mrlesok at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 18:32:46 EDT 2001

I was about to put my intake manifold back on tonight
and decided to look in at the valves.  Most of the
valves were very clean (top side insp only of course),
some of them did have a little carbon deposit. However
the outermost #5 cylinder valve was totaly covered
with black carbon deposit up to the start of the stem.
 The other #5 valve was fine?
Is this an indication of leaking stem seals?
Any suggestions?  Can I clean the valve?
Please also reply/copy to the les.reid at centrilift.com
as well. 
One Idea I had is to run a small hose down the plug
hole and hook my shop vac on it while I spray cleaner
on the valve.  


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