[200q20v] A/C woes...

GSTREIN at aol.com GSTREIN at aol.com
Thu Jun 7 23:44:28 EDT 2001

In a message dated 6/7/01 10:03:58 PM, joe at choice1.com writes:

<< Attached are two wires, one with a small blue stripe, and another

with a big blue stripe.  So I disconnected these guys and jumpered the now

exposed metal contacts of what I think is the switch, and nothing happens,

compressor won't turn on. >>

If you jumped the switch nothing would happen because there would be no way 
for the system to tell they were jumped.  You need to jump the wires 
themselves that you pulled off - this completes the circuit and may kick the 
compressor on...if it does don't leave it running too long just in case you 
are low on refrigerant the compressor will burn out due to lack of 
lubrication that the refrigerant circulates.

I have not been following this topic so I'm assuming the system is fully 
charged...if it is not the low pressure switch would not let the compressor 
turn on to begin with..this is the one you are jumping.  With a good 
evacuation (vacuum pump) you can get at least two cans in the system even befo
re you turn the system on...the good vacuum pump pull down will give plenty 
of room to dump two cans worth in.  In fact, my Audi 100 which I replace the 
A/C compressor recently was pulled down sufficiently to suck two cans (12 oz 
each) plus an 8 oz can of compressor oil with 3 oz of refrigerant and then 
about 3 oz more of refrigerant - this was before the system was even turned 

Don't know what the additional wires that are disconnect are for but I do 
know that there are a few wires that are not connected on mine and are tied 
with a tie wrap.  Yours may or may not be the same but don't go touching wire 
together before you know where they really go or you'll likely blow a fuse or 

P.S. there is also a compressor clutch relay somewhere which may get old from 
lots of cycling...find it and check it or just replace it if you have not 

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