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Fri Jun 8 13:04:09 EDT 2001

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> I know the transmissions are somewhat complicated, but why not refurbish
> the existing one? The cost of bearings can't be that bad. I'm not sure
> about synchros. I suppose labor could be the killer.  A mechanic friend
> installed a Quaife diff and new bearings iin my VW 5 speed for $250. I
> helped him a little with the labor on re-assembly and re-install in the
> car and I paid for the diff and bearings. He works at CDI here in
> rochester now (www.cdicars.com) and I could ask him about rebuilding
> these. I'm sure people feel more comfortable with a new tranny, but if
> the case, shafts, gears are in good shape....
>    David

After losing 2nd gear synchro at about 110k mi at a cost of about $800 for
parts and $1000 labor, 5th gear synchro went 2k mi later ( another $1300)
and then about 15k after that, the input shaft bearing got noisy. I figured
$1500 shipped, delivered and installed for a new tranny was not a bad deal.
No problems with it so far after about 10k mi.

My recommendation, if you do get some tranny's from Germany, is to do the
customs yourself. It was quite easy and saves around $200 as I recall.
Shipping from Germany to Great Falls, MT was ~$190. I am not sure shipping
all to the same place in the USA and then re-shipping them would be that big
a savings. Likely just double the shipping costs, IMO. Robert built a very
nice shipping crate, which I would guess he would have to do for each tranny
anyways - they all leave from the same spot in Germany, but they may as well
go to different spots in the USA. Unless he just built one BIG shipping
crate and then someone in the USA recevies that, breaks it down and builds
several smaller ones for the final destination. I recall that the total
shipping weight for me was 212 lbs.

mike miller

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