[200q20v] re: transmissions

Robert B. rbraun at foni.net
Sat Jun 9 04:04:07 EDT 2001

Hi Phil:

The AOB and ADZ are identical. ETKA shows the tailhousing as having a
different number, but this is because the ADZ's tailend did not have
coolong fins built in, whilst the AOBs do. Same gears, 4.11 final drive.
The AOB came in Audi 100s, which in 1991 over in Germany were 10V turbos
with 200HP. The 200 was the 20V turbo with a 230 HP engine, so I guess
Audi decided to use the same trans for both cars, but kept the numbers
differnt to maybe avoid confusion on the assembly line?

If you're not happy with a new AOB, then I'll take it back.

Audi did the same thing with 1991 Ur-Quattros and 200s. The Ur-Quattros
came with a 20V, engine code RR, while the 200s got the 3B. Exact same
engine though.

In 1995, Audi changed the CGR to CRB specs, but used 2 different

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards


Phil Rose schrieb:
> Chris,
> My  tranny--still suffering from that slight overrun noise (I wonder
> if it sounds like Arun Rao's differential bearing?)-- is probably the
> weakest link in my car's longterm prospect for "survival". So I'm
> considering the eventual need for R&R and would be interested in
> possibilty of group purchse . I wonder of Bob B. can tell us about
> what mechanical/installation differences might be associated with the
> change in tranny codes (ADZ vs AOB, etc)?
> Phil

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