[200q20v] left over parts

Bruce Boeder BBoeder at BoederLaw.com
Mon Jun 11 11:49:37 EDT 2001

I purchased our "new to us" 200/20v avant in January from a good friend.
It's been everything we could hope for.

Two questions/comments -

First, the car came lowered with sport shocks. The former owner gave me a
box with the stock springs and shocks.  I frankly don't see ever returning
it to stock and doubt that someone who would want to purchase this beast
would be interested in that either.  As a dedicated "non-saver" my
inclination is to throw the box and parts out.  Comments?  Are they worth
anything to anyone out there?

Second, the car does have one annoying problem.  Very occasionally (6 times
since we got it) the engine will quit, everything on the dash lights up,
etc.  It can be started immediately and runs fine thereafter.  There doesn't
seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it quits.  The car is chipped (which
ones aren't?)  The local shop that I took it to, Autoedge in St. Paul,
initially thought it was an O2 sensor, which they replaced.  Unfortunately
with these electrical gremlins they can be hard to trace.  Any comments?

Bruce Boeder
200/20v avant pearl white

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