[200q20v] left over parts

Bruce Boeder BBoeder at BoederLaw.com
Mon Jun 11 12:18:43 EDT 2001

Thanks, Mike, I'll try the first.

The boost gauge is showing boost up to 1.8 or 1.9 (I can't remember which)
and so I don't think there is a vacuum leak.  Watching the boost gauge has
been fun.  I wish that our TT Roadster had one.

Incidentally, interesting little side story about the TT.  Check engine
light went on last Wednesday.  Car seems to be fine.  Called dealership
service. They suggested that it might be a loose gas cap or gas cap gasket.
Checked that several times. Light still on.  We're heading to the North
Shore of Lake Superior this weekend and so I'd like to get whatever this is
diagnosed before we leave as it is kind of a long way between towns up
there.  Dealership says "we're making appointments for July (yes, July!)
16th right now and can't guaranty that we can look at it."  I don't know how
long it takes to hook one of these up to a diagnostic computer but it can't
be long.

Bruce Boeder
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>> I purchased our "new to us" 200/20v avant in January from a good friend.
>> It's been everything we could hope for.
>> <snip>>> Second, the car does have one annoying problem.  Very
occasionally (6
>> since we got it) the engine will quit, everything on the dash lights up,
>> etc.  It can be started immediately and runs fine thereafter.  There
>> seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it quits.  The car is chipped
>> ones aren't?)  <snip>

>The stalling problem _could_ be a bad Turbo Bypass Valve. Easy test -
>accelerate hard in 3rd gear or higher at 1.5+ bar boost - around 3k rpm,
>off the throttle and push in the clutch. If it stalls, I would change the
>Also check for vacuum leaks. Are you seeing full boost?
>mike miller

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