[200q20v] hesitation, hiccup revisited...new clues

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Mon Jun 11 14:33:50 EDT 2001

In a message dated 6/4/01 1:14:11 PM, brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net writes:

<< I get:
-rough startup(ie, can't be driven for about 15-20 seconds or it'll bog
down; possibly subsiding with the use of techron, but hard to tell;
only happens in warm weather)>>

Mine is especially rough running for the first mile or so, but not nearly to 
the extent that yours is.  It won't bog down, just jerk along.

-jerking at very, very slight throttle(not dependent upon RPM,
most noticable in 1-3rd.)  There's a spot on the throttle where the car
will just jerk continuously if you leave it there.  Makes stop and go
traffic incredibly annoying. >>

This again sounds familiar, although to a lesser extent.

The suggestion about a possible throttle position sensor problem sounds like 
a good lead, although it still doesn't account for the noise I'm getting.  
Rear diff?  I'm starting to think that I may have 2 issues.

I don't have an ohmmeter for the throttle position sensor test, but my 
mechanic could check it out.

Thank you all for your input.

BTW, I'm getting full boost @ 1.9 on the dash read-out.  It comes on smoothly 
under WOT. The ol' 200 stuck with a Z28 yesterday, so it can't be doing too 
bad. After cleaning an incredibly clogged K&N air filter, the vacuum reading 
no longer drops to 0.1.  The lowest I get is 0.2.

Mitch Frey
'91 200tq IA Stage 3
'00 A6 2.7T

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