[200q20v] WTB: 1995 S6 Today!

Doyt W. Echelberger Doyt at nwonline.net
Tue Jun 12 12:38:25 EDT 2001

The subject line says it all......if anyone has information about the 
availability of such a car, I'd appreciate hearing about it ASAP. We are in 
Ohio, but will travel.

The person who sold me my collector's level 87 5ktq a few years ago is 
looking at a 1994 S4 with 58k miles tomorrow, and he called me to say that 
he really would rather have an S6 but will probably buy the S4 because it 
is there and available. Then he asked me to find him an S6 and save him 
from this awful fate. He knows that I read these lists like an addict every 

He doesn't have an internet connection, but he gave me his home phone and 
his office phone and fax number and said to use his name and have anybody 
contact him directly who could supply a lead to such a car. And I agreed to 
receive replies for him by e-mail and get them to him.

He is ready to buy an S6, so let's find one and get it into town. Then I 
can see it and touch it and drive it, and when he wants an S8 maybe he will 
sell it to me :~)

His name is Gary Ontko and he is at his State Farm Office in Sandusky, 
Ohio,right now,
phone 419-625-3061  or fax at 419-625-3641

After business hours, his home phone is 419-621-1810 (answering device 
operating if not at home.)

Posted by Doyt Echelberger, (who has agreed to handle e-mail replies for Gary)

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