[200q20v] undiagnosed engine malfunction

Joe Vanzeipel joe at choice1.com
Tue Jun 12 14:54:06 EDT 2001

My bypass valve was bad and my car was stalling when I got it.  However, I
could never duplicate the situation and although I never tried the test, I
doubt it would have solved the problem.  I would recommend getting a
replacement TBV for around $35 and the hose that goes from the TBV to the
back of the intake manifold and that should cure it.  It's not that much
money to fix and it could save your life.

200q20v 112k

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After having had my avant's undiagnosed engine malfunction diagnosed by the
list as a turbo bypass valve malfunction, I tried last night what Mike
Miller had suggested. That is, accelerated hard in 3rd gear to +1.5 boost
and then backed off and depressed clutch simultaneously.

Unfortunately, that didn't make the engine stop.  The boost gauge under hard
acceleration showed 1.9 bar max.

I did have the previous owner test drive the car and he commented that it
seemed down on mid range power.

Will report to the list what this proves to be after further diagnosis.

Bruce Boeder (who still likes the wagon, even if it does occasionally

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