[200q20v] undiagnosed engine malfunction

Brett Dikeman brettd at speakeasy.net
Tue Jun 12 22:38:10 EDT 2001

At 7:27 PM -0400 6/12/01, Tresturbos at aol.com wrote:
>I bet it's the BPV.  Mine would stall every once in a while as I came to the
>top of a steep hill and decellerated, but not when I did that test.  Now it
>never stalls.  My vacuum line was shot as well.  It's a good idea to have
>that line routed away from the engine(around the edge of the engine
>compartment) to avoid breaking down again due to too much heat exposure. 
>Both are cheap fixes.

The best repair that I've seen is routing copper tubing through the 
hotspots.  Among other things, it preserves the length of the line(if 
that is important; who knows.)


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